West Trax’s KPI Analyzer: The Innovation App


SAP S/4 HANA Migration

Get “As-Is” information about your system to accelerate and reduce the risk of your journey to SAP S/4 HANA.

Results to Advice (R2A)

Receive a comprehensive report to summarize your “As-Is” data.

Cost Savings

Save money spent on researching “As-Is” information during multi-months long assessment workshops.


Identify custom functionality that can be re-standardized using new standard functionality.

Maturity Assessment

KPI Analyzer grades your system in multiple areas and compares your results across multiple industries including your own.


Discover new functionality to modernize your system with new features that might accelerate or simplify your business process.

System & Process Usage

Understand how your system is used by getting a comprehensive summary of what processes are being used by whom and how often.

Background Job Analysis

Get a complete picture of your background jobs to improve and optimize your job schedule.

Storage Optimization

Understand your database usage and explore options like compression to reduce database cost.

Release Feature Monitoring

Easily repeat the analysis process to confirm that the latest SAP S/4 HANA release has added missing functionality crucial for your business.


Create Interfaces To Export And Import Data Into SAP ERP Without Programming


Ease Of Use

Most users can use HDS without any additional training after attending our free workshop.

Immediate Results

Customers are typically seeing results within just a few hours of using HDS.

No Implementation Required

HDS doesn’t require any configuration or development.

Quick ROI

Most customers can realize an ROI in the first three months.


Export / Import Complex Data

Use an easy to use UI to export / import complex data (e.g. sales order).

Powerful Viewer

Includes a powerful viewer that allows paged viewing of data.

Integrated Scheduler

Schedule your data export / import using the fully integrated standard SAP scheduler.

Data Sharing & Security

Share your data with team members while protecting sensitive data from access.


The Best IDoc Error Handling Solution For SAP. Period.


Better Error Queue Visibility

IDoc Medic allows customers to identify high priority IDocs (e.g. high value) by analyzing the IDoc content in combination with application data.

Simplified Process

A simplified IDoc error handling process requires less skills and training.

Improved Business Process

The ability to identify and correct high priority IDocs can result in an accelerated and improved business process.

Time Saver

Using IDoc Medic frees up work time for high-value tasks.

Fast Implementation

IDoc Medic can be implemented quickly using existing in-house resources.

Quick ROI

The majority of customers can realize an ROI on IDoc Medic in the first six months of using it.


Supports All IDoc Types

IDoc Medic supports all custom and standard IDoc types.

IDoc Prioritization

Custom KBIs can be used to prioritize IDocs that are critical for business (e.g. high value sales order).

Powerful IDoc Editing

Including adding/removing groups of segments (e.g. line item) or the ability to resolve a repeating error in a single step.

Background Processing

IDoc Medic includes integrated background processing to accelerate the error handling process.


Sensitive fields can be protected from editing.


Management Consulting

Our Management Consulting practice offers a wide range of services from digital trends to system sourcing. All services can be customized and are focused on improving key areas of your business by changing as few variables as possible.

SAP Consulting

Straten Consulting is focused on delivering consulting services that meet and exceed customer needs.

  • We had a chance to test drive HDS and can’t wait to use the final product in production. An amazing product to get data out of and into SAP.

    High Tech Customer

    United States

  • The consultants that worked with us were true leaders in their field and resolved all project issues. Highly recommended!

    Apparel Footwear Customer

    United States

  • Our users are happily using IDoc Medic in multiple regions and it has helped us to handle huge IDoc volumes quickly and efficiently.

    Automotive Customer


  • I don’t think that we would have had a go-live on time without Straten Consulting.

    Apparel Customer

    United States

  • IDoc Medic has been a real time and money saver for us. We are also impressed with their responsive support and ability to resolve issue quickly.

    Retail Customer

    United States

SAP PE Build Partner

Straten Consulting has been a SAP PE Build Partner since 2010.